I know a lot is going on in the world.  North Korea continues to rattle their sabers, and the US continues to promise to wipe them out if they screw up.  There are uncontrolled fires in the West, floods in Houston, the Florida Keys are monumentally damaged by Irma, and many of the windward islands of the Carribean have been devastated.  Terrorists have once again struck at the London Underground, and our Supreme Court has put aside a stay of part of Trump’s travel ban.  We have non-scientists at the helm or nominated for the science-oriented jobs at NASA and the Environmental Protection Agency.  And, of course, the random shootings at high schools, malls, and places of business continue unabated.

Is it just escapism, then, that has me focused on why my nose itches so much?  I mean, I’m not talking about allergies or a cold, but why do I wake up four times a night because the OUTSIDE of my nose itches?  On the side, just above my mustache, on the tip.  Is this too much information?  I hope not.  It is driving me crazy for happening and for not knowing why it is happening.  Is this age?  Or the first symptoms of something dreadful?  I hate the suspense of not knowing.

While I am at it, there are a few other things in this life that have me baffled as well.

Thermos™ bottles keep hot things hot, and cold things cold.  It’s a miracle of science.  But, how does the Thermos™ bottle know which way to go?  I mean it could make hot things cooler and cool things hotter, right?  But it doesn’t.  Every single time, it gets the choice right.  How does it know?

If you have a headache, you take aspirin or ibuprofen or acetaminophen.  If you have a muscle ache or joint pain, you take the same medication.  So, how does the medication know where to go?  If you have both a headache and muscle ache at the same time, do you have to take two?  Think about it.

I had to have a driver’s license to rent and drive a car.  I had to get a fishing license to drop my fishing pole in the lake. I have to register to vote.  I have to go to school and be licensed to be a barber, hair stylist, massage therapist, doctor, or lawyer.  I have to register to be a charity; I need a permit to replace the windows in my house or redo my driveway.  I need to register in my town if I want to solicit donations.  I must be issued a liquor license to serve booze in my restaurant, and my restaurant must be inspected and certified by the health department.  I must pass a test and register to be a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Financial Planner, a securities broker, an insurance agent, and an actuary.  In fact, in my state, about the only two things I do not have to register for, be educated about, or require certification for is owning a gun and producing a child.  Is it me, or is that just plain weird?

I think it is way freaking weird.

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