Reality Beats Fiction Every Time

I haven’t ranted in a while. It’s not as if there is nothing to rant about, because every day brings a new outrage. So, with a nod to John Oliver, here is the stuff from last week, today:

  • An evangelical Christian kills a woman in a synagogue and wounds the Rabbi and others because his reading of the Gospels says the Jews killed Christ and they have to pay for that.
  • Attorney General Barr testified that he wrote his letter exonerating Trump from obstruction without having really read the Mueller report.
  • Emails from the White House indicate that this administration has not one clue how to reunite the border-crossing families it has separated
  • Everyone is talking about how Mueller did not indict Trump on either collusion with the Russian government or obstruction of justice charges, but is ignoring the fact that the Mueller report does, beyond a shadow of a doubt, indicate that the Trump campaign did collude with Russians connected to the government to influence the election and that Trump and others in his administration did obstruct justice. What Mueller did is the same as did Ken Starr and Archibald Cox which is refer the evidence to Congress and the Attorney General so they could act. The A.G. is clearly Trump’s lawyer and does not represent us – the people of the United States of America.
  • A.G. Barr will not even release a non-redacted version of the Mueller report to Congress. He is in contempt of Congress – which would land anyone else in jail.
  • The “I will replace it” Trump has asked a Federal Appeals Court to strike down the entire Affordable Care Act, without any Republican plan to replace it, potentially putting 20 million people plus (including my spouse and me) in the position of being totally uninsured.
  • The court ruled against South African runner Caster Semenya, requiring her to take testosterone-lowering drugs in order to compete “fairly” with other women. Semenya is a cisgender female.  What’s next?  A height restriction in basketball?  Handicapping races for people like we do for amateur golf?  Requiring a certain number of overweight slow people on each team?  While admitting it was discriminatory, the court still ruled it was necessary to protect “fair play” – what horseshit.
  • A Jewish family has lost their bid to reclaim a painting that was lost to the Nazi’s, now hanging in a museum in Spain. There was no doubt that the painting once belonged to the family. The US judge ruled that because the painting has passed through so many “owners”, the Spanish museum would not have known it was stolen. Thus, under Spanish law, even if there had been “a minor risk” of a title issue, it was not “willful blindness” and therefore the painting belongs to the museum. Under California law, it would have been awarded to the family, as good title to stolen goods cannot be passed to anyone.  Moral obligations notwithstanding, the judge said the Spanish museum could not be required to return the painting.  Yeah, and fuck you, Spain, for this and the Inquisition, as well.
  • The New York Times editorial board wrote a scathing editorial castigating its own international edition for publishing its second antisemitic cartoon in a week. Note that it said nothing public about the first one.
  • The progressive left via “Millennials for Revolution” posted on Facebook:
    • In 2020, you will nominate a candidate to run against Trump. If this person:
      • Has sold out to corporations.
      • Supports the US war machine.
      • Won’t enact progressive policies.
    • Progressives and independents will not vote for them. Please start the process of getting over that shit now, instead of waiting until 2020 before trying to shame us into voting for your corrupt sack of shit candidate.
    • It didn’t work in 2016. It won’t work in 2020.

I’m sorry, idiots, but what worked in 2016 was that TRUMP became President. So, you are entirely wrong, Millennials for Revolution, what you worked in 2016 will absolutely work in 2020.  So, dumb asses, don’t do the same goddamn thing and prove that you are barely functional morons and completely willing to fuck-over the rest of us for your vaunted principles.  P.S. Your principles are worth shit if Trump wins a second term.

It does, occasionally, become wearying to be tilting at windmills.  And sometimes, I am only plain lazy.  But more likely, it is when the blithering array of idiocy so outrages my sense of justice and ethical framework, and so beggars’ belief, that it just becomes too overwhelming to choose a focus.  There you have it.  All the screwed-up news that fits and you can’t make this shit up.

One thought on “Reality Beats Fiction Every Time

  1. Dan, you’re quite right that reality often shows even dystopian fiction to be too optimistic — whether it’s Harrison Bergeron and the Semenya story, or Idiocracy and pretty much anything having to do with the Trump administration.

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