No Party For This Time

I am wishful, though not hopeful, that we are about to see the demise of the Republican Party. Now, I know that my right-leaning friends will say to themselves and or their spouses in these days of ‘sheltering-in-place,’ “well, he’s just a Democrat.”

Here’s the thing, though – I am not a Democrat. I don’t like the Democratic party for their lack of job creation strategy, their fixation with people made rich by their own hard work and/or genius, their embrace of the progressive left’s virulent antisemitism and anti-Zionism, their complete lack of understanding of how the economy really works. But, by-and-large, with the exception of the extreme left (a minority of the party) they are not malicious, they are not generally avaricious, and they are not vicious.

Last week, before the Republican ranks were diminished by 5 of their tribe being self-isolated due to Covid-19, all 51 Republican Senators voted against a bill extending unemployment and paid sick leave for workers affected by Covid-19.  In parallel, the Republican Governors of Texas and Oklahoma categorically refused to close public places and the latter posted a picture of him and family at a crowded restaurant saying what a good time they were having. The Republican Governor of Florida has to-date refused to close the beaches, although many local municipalities have done so. Every day Trump has a presser where he misrepresents, lies, evades, and deflects responsibility for this crisis (while his top infectious disease guy, Dr. Fauci, slaps his own forehead in disbelief). Remember, Trump is the man who my father referred to as “the kind of guy who gets kicked out of a truly shitty fraternity.” How right he was and still is.

Trump and his Trumpettes are right about one thing. They did not cause Covid-19. But they own, and I mean completely own, the resulting disastrous lack of preparedness, lack of response, and the misrepresentation of the risk in response to this crisis.
The Trump administration’s lackadaisical and irresponsible response is the logical culmination of 40 years of Republican insistence (and God only knows how many billions of dollars spent advertising) that “government is the problem” and “government can’t solve our problems” and “government is too involved in our lives.” It’s the Republican’s 40 years of science-denial and their propagation of the logic that an individual’s opinion trumps (pun intended) real facts that has led our nation right to this. The fact that the Trump administration totally eliminated our top-level Federal pandemic planning group is only the icing on the cake – they have been whittling away at “government” for years.

And then there is the uniquely partisan, malevolent, and just plain amoral response demonstrated recently by Republican Party leaders. I mentioned the idiotic governors, and heartless Republican senators earlier. Now let us add the fact that Trump was briefed on this in early January and did nothing. Let us ponder not letting cruise ships dock and let the sick be cared for because this administration did not want “the numbers” to go up. Let us consider that senators who were briefed on this crisis took no action legislatively but dumped their stock portfolios knowing full well what the impact on the markets was going to be.  Let us consider that of the $1.3 trillion that the Republican Senate has proposed (with no discussions with the Democrats), $500 billion would be at the disposal of the Treasury Department with no oversight, and the vast majority of the rest aimed at corporate bailouts rather than supporting individual American families in their time of need. Let us really take a look at the fact that the Department of Justice has proposed that it be given the ability to enact “indefinite detainment” for anyone they choose to detain, under the guise of crisis response.

And, let us never forget that these “small government”, “government is not the answer” proponents and their supporters are lining up in droves for government subsidies, corporate bailouts, and trillions of dollars in stock market support in the form of increased liquidity. This is the party who floated the trial balloon that perhaps we should “give” poorer people less because they contribute less to the economy and the tax base. That’s right, the folks working at minimum wage, part-time, with no benefits, the folks who are still working while the rest of us shelter in place and order delivery – they should get less.

Let us re-evaluate the impact that this pervasive no science and no facts attitude has worked its way to our next generation. The Millenials, those so concerned with social justice, parties on the beaches with no concern for the fact that while their risk of death may be lower than mine, they are nevertheless increasing the risk to me. One small university issued a closure notice, arranged transportation for every student to return home only to have 50 students miss their shuttle to the airport because they had partied too hard the night before and were all hung-over. So much for their belief in social justice. Their “freedom” is more important than our collective health. My response is wondering what the reverse of “OK Boomer” should be.

Today’s Republican Party should cease to exist. They have done too much damage to our values, our society, and our souls. Their vacant and vapid economic and social philosophies and agenda are totally discredited. Their foreign policy is killing our reputation and destroying the goodwill achieved by their predecessors. Their disdain for the individual American and our lot is not only palpable, it has been institutionalized. They only win by gerrymandering and voter suppression. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds and their values are at odds with our collective conscience and our Constitution.

We should put the entire current party out of our fucking misery. I understand that my colleagues and friends who are Republicans will bristle at this but hear me out. That Republican party, the one who campaigned on compassionate conservatism, the party of Rockefeller, Buckley, and Dirksen is dead and gone. What is left is Republican in name only. Trump and McConnell and their lackeys do not give a shit about you, your family, your career, or your future. They care about power, and mega-donors, and billionaires.

To my Republican friends, I say vote all these assholes out of office and replace them with a conservative opposition to the Democrats that is governed by real values and an intellectual basis that is defensible. Win by having better ideas, not by cheating. Create a party that is inclusive – women, minorities, workers. Acknowledge that most poor people in this country are not in that position because of some moral failing.  Insist on programs that work with active participation of those being helped, as opposed to giveaways.  Stop belittling education and science and engage in debates based on evidence and facts. You might be surprised at how much support that new Republican party would have.

9 thoughts on “No Party For This Time

    1. Since I don’t vote and never have( my small way of protesting against a system that is beyond broken),the train has already left for the 38% that for a variety of reasons will always embrace Trump such as anti abortion, gun issue,anti immigration,tax cut, etc.It is a waste of your time Dan in relitigating every issue you have hi lited.Anyone who has overlooked basic behavioral as well as charactealogical issues of Trump obviously are willing to over look those things because he supports one of the issues they favor.
      With that said, I would hope the conversation radically changes due to this virus.What is very scary at this moment is that we are faced with a once in a life time situation where we have to deal with WW2 over laid with a pandemic. It would be daunting for a government staffed and lead by incredibly competent people such as FDR had in his 12 years. Anyone who misses the fact that we have the opposite leading our federal government response might tune into Cuomos daily news conference and compare it to Trumps. It’s painfully obvious that this is so above the Kushner/Pence pay grade that it would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious!
      In summation, those of us who live in certain states, such as Ohio, are very fortunate due to the great and aggressive programs Dewine and Acton have put in place. My friends and relatives in Florida(my daughter lives there) not so fortunate since they have a governor who is totally unequipped both intellectually as well as temperamentally to handle this crisis.This is a challenging as it gets and we haven’t even seen the worst of it. With that said, we each have to protect our own families and the secret sauce is keep distance, wash hands and help each other.We will get on the other side of this, but it will continue to be challenging.Stay safe. Kurt

  1. I see you haven’t allowed recent events to interfere with your partisan rants. Good for you…we all need to find ways to pass time while we watch those whom you describe as having a “complete lack of understanding of how the economy really works” try to tell those who do how to craft an economic stimulus bill. That aside, your understanding of Dems objections to the $500 billion (not million) in direct aid to failing businesses suggests an even greater lack of understanding of how our economy works. In most cases, the best way to help an individual is to insure their employer is able to continue their employment. I realize that may be a difficult concept for the economically illiterate…and those politicians that would prefer individuals become more dependent upon the government and not a job. By the way, the vote in the Senate was simply a cloture vote, which has to occur before a final vote and puts the bill on track for a final vote. The issue in contention relates to how the bailout money would be distributed by the Treasury. One camp wants the Treasury to work directly with the Governors, Senators, and congressional reps to insure the money gets to where it is most needed in each state. This arrangement was negotiated in an unusual bipartisan and bicameral manner over the past week. However, when Nancy Pelosi got involved and learned that she and the House leadership would not have significant control on where this money went…she balked. And here we are….back to politics as usual in the midst of a crisis. China will own this pandemic…the Republicans will own the response to it in the US (and time will tell if they performed effectively or not)…but the Democrats will own the economic fallout if they continue to play politics and power games while Rome burns.
    For someone that disclaims being a Democrat you sure carry a lot of water for them. We should not paint this picture with a brush as broad as the one you’ve used. Personally, I find it hard (and extremely biased) to characterize all Republicans and Democrats the way you do. Both parties have serious leadership issues that I believe have become personal and are threatening our nation. We need people who actually want to work together and know how to do so. So, I’ll vote my assholes out of office if you will vote your assholes out too!
    It’s time for serious people, who can expect to be around more than a few more years and have to live with the outcomes of their votes, to take charge in this country. From where I sit, neither party (but especially the Democrats) are a long, long way from doing so. There are no examples in history of an aristocracy voting to replace itself.

    Stay safe and be well, my friend.

    1. Well, we are going to have to agree to disagree on this. First, every news report says that McConnell did not include any Dems in drafting the bill he proposed. Second, and you know this quite well, I know how the economy works and if you forget to help the folks doing the work, the program will fail. Supporting businesses is Ok IF we require them to use the money the way it was intended….not on stock buybacks and loan repayments and other shenanigans. So, I find it quite reasonable that the House of Representatives has decided to perform their constitutional duty to control the budget and disbursements of the US Government. Third, As for carrying the water for Dems, please rather think of this as an uncontrolled allergic reaction to the uniformity of the Republican Party’s selfishness, wanton disregard for the citizens of this country, and overall incompetence. The ‘what about ism” and attempt to equate the damage done by the Republicans and Trumpists to the Dems is a poisoning of the well and it is a moral/policitical equivalence argument that is expedient but totally false. When every single Senator on the Republican side votes no on helping the most vulnerable amoung us and all but one votes no on the impeachment of a corrupt, if not treasonous President and denies this country the right to see evidence, I am sorry, but I cannot buy your “both sides are bad” argument. One side is worse, much, much worse. So few Republicans have challenged this administration and even those who occasionally do vote with the party of matters of real substance. There is a difference between the parties and I think I have accurate reflected today’s reality.

      Take care of family and stay safe, my friend.

      1. Yep…which we’ve done before and will likely do again. That’s one of the things I like about you! 🙂

        You need a broader range of news sources….the bipartisan/bicameral negotiations have been going on for over a week on the third stimulus bill. I know YOU know how the economy works….it’s Nancy and her team of Never-Trumpers who don’t. The protections on who receives the money are in the bill…any company that accepts the aide shall NOT layoff any employees or do buybacks. This is about who controls the process and, as I think you know very well, the best way to execute an implementation plan is to make the decisions, provide the resources, and GET OUT OF THE FUCKING WAY! I personally trust the Treasury Secretary and local elected reps to do this better than Pelosi and Schumer. They’re only trying to put the pork where they need votes.

  2. The stain and stench of the Trump presidency will not soon be forgotten. His legacy will be far more profound and enduring than even his unmatched ego can conceive. And while there will be no shortage of despicable, ignorant, criminal things he’s done during his four-year reign to remember him for, it will all pale in comparison to the carnage that will likely result from having a Useful Idiot oversee a deadly pandemic. Impeachment is a parking ticket compared to the world-class incompetence he delivers on his embarrassing daily pressers. He’s like the drunk, obnoxious uncle everyone is forced to tolerate at Thanksgiving. Indeed, the COVID-19 president will not be forgotten long after he’s gone. And as for the Republican party? They’re not evil per se, they merely stood by and allowed Trump to build his “perfect” legacy with reckless disregard for all Americans. How will the voters punish these accomplices? By re-electing a good number of them, of course. Anything for the sake of the Grand Old Party. When the body-count starts to spike like the unemployment claims, arguing Reps vs Dems will be tantamount to arguing about the color of Nero’s’ sandals as he fiddled.

  3. Totally agree – the R party is now a cynical small cadre who are obsessed with their own insatiable greed and unduly influenced by conspiracy theory wing nuts, starting at the Oval Office and Fox News.

    The stunning incompetence of Trump, the Trumpettes and the Republican elected federal officials, (of course the “acting” department heads and Jared), is simply a plaintive statement that its overdue for a time to reset.

    There are beacons of hope. This includes both a few R & most D governors, plus the health care community in general. The commitment and sacrifice that the health care workers demonstrate during these times should inspire us all.

    All the best – Cheers

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