It is probably a function of age, but there are a few topics that I am getting really tired of hearing or reading about, listening to, or seeing.

Tom Brady  I really do not give a shit if Tom Brady plays another game for another team for another year.  I care equally as much about who he is dating, dated, married, or said hello to.  I do not care how much he is paid, nor do I care what records he breaks.  I do not care if he is retired or active.  For 20+ years as a football fan I have had to endure blather about Tom Brady.  Tom, congratulations, you are the GOAT.  Now please go away.  Same for Aaron Rodgers – go away, but first get vaccinated, you lying feculent jerk.

Donald Trump Would someone, anyone please convict you of a federal and/or state crime already so I can stop having to tolerate even more public relations porn about you.  I am tired of you, your family, your exes, your lawyers, your staff, and your properties.  The only thing I want to hear about is when one of your victims wins a civil case costing you a shit ton of money or you are criminally convicted and end up behind bars.  Please give the world a break (or please stop embarrassing yourself) and just shut the fuck up.

Repetitive Ads  When I was an active marketer we worried about over-exposure – we did not want potential customers to become numb to our messages.  Something must have changed, because trying to watch any content, anytime on most of the minor channels and sometimes on the big 4 (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX), and certainly on social media is a mind-numbing experience in repetition.  I actually do not watch that much TV and this trend is certainly make it easy to watch even less. I mean how many times should any individual have to listen to Joe Namath or Jimmy Walker hyping Medicare plans or see a picture of Jamie Foxx shilling for some online betting site before truly hating the product?  Answer:  less times than you are subjected to in any 60 minutes of programming.  Yeah, I know I’m watching some of the old peoples’ channels but still,  please stop, please, because you are making my eyes and ears bleed.

The Invented Culture War  From the left, we have defund the police, tuition-free college, free speech equals my speech, and the vilification of those of us who, after a lifetime of habit, sometimes fail to use preferred pronouns.  On the right we have groomers, drag queens, Critical Race Theory, book banning, and the M & M spokescandies for God’s sake.  I am really tired of this bullshit.

Oh and PS. Ma and Yas is not clever, it is moronic.

Disinformation and Misrepresentation Political posturing based on misrepresentation or false claims is overwhelmingly vomitus and I am so fucking tired of it.  The fact that Joe Biden and Mike Pence discovered classified documents at home and then immediately notified the proper authorities is in no way, shape, or form equivalent to Donald Trump’s lying denial and subsequent continued lying about declassification and refusal to turn said documents over to the proper authorities.  Firing a teacher who showed their class  a representation of the Prophet Muhammad after having warned the class ahead of time that they would be doing so is in no way equivalent to sexist or racist invective used in the classroom.

Truth is that each side has a story to tell and twists the reality to match the story.  That’s always been the case.  But this current wholesale lying and misrepresentation is too much.  Everyone is trending toward George Santos-type behavior.  I believe Santos and Trump are the leaders in this competition with a few members of “The Squad” coming in a distant second.  The most recent example is Trump’s and the Republicans’ condemnation of Biden not shooting down the Chinese spy balloon earlier and the claim that this would have never happened under the Trump administration.   Fact finally comes out that it happened 3 times under Trump and not one was shot down.  It is total nonsense and I am goddamned tired of it.

Thoughts and Prayers  It is time for Americans to face facts:  thoughts and prayers do not do shit.  They don’t stop gun deaths or suicide by cop or cops killing people, or cops getting killed.  Thoughts and prayers do not stop drug overdoses or killer diseases or child abuse or hunger.  They do not stop rape or murder or domestic abuse.  With this track record, you would think Americans, especially American leaders, would be smarter than to keep relying on this avenue to prevent horrible things from happening.  It is demonstrably ineffective.  It is exactly what my father called “trying to teach the pig to sing.”  He said, “not only does it not work, but it also annoys the pig.”

I am so tired of “thoughts and prayers.” How about calling the Mayor, Governor, Representatives, and Senators and demanding legislation that deals with the root causes instead?

Most Social Media.  I am so tired of most of social media. We always suspected that there were racist, homophobic, misogynist, white supremacist/white militia supporters, antisemitic, Islamophobic, and fascist assholes in our country, but who thought it was a great idea to give them all a microphone tied to the largest broadcast network ever?  Bad idea.  Really bad idea.  Really bad fucking idea.

And now, I am tired of writing this.

4 thoughts on “Tired

  1. Great article Dan. The early paragraphs made me laugh out loud. Others gave me pause to think “How true and very sad”. Excellent job!

  2. As you know, being a Reform Jew who is an atheist ,thoughts and prayers always was this default response when someone either thought something could not be changed or didn’t want something to be changed.A better response would be.. change and action. Change the way we look at a problem and engage in an action that accomplishes that change.

  3. I think you are really worked up over the moronic items you address, Dan. Well I am too! Appreciated this rant immensely. Keep thinking, keep writing.

    Judy Stansbury

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