What Planet Are You From?

Walking around yesterday I came across an elderly woman (older than me, white hair, walking cane with tripod tip) wearing a “Trump Is God” T-Shirt and I thought, ”what the fuck planet is she from?”

Then I stopped dead in my tracks and thought, “what if the right question is ‘what the fuck planet am I from’, huh?” That was a really scary moment.

I think about how many times I feel very much like I am an alien from outer space.  Some examples:

  • I do not believe Silicon Valley Bank got into trouble for being too “woke.”
  • I do believe the Fed wants a recession and is openly trying to get millions of Americans thrown out of work in their attempt to manage an inflation that was not and is not caused by wage pressure.
  • I do believe that the various editions of “don’t say gay” and don’t talk about race, religion, sex, and God only knows what else they will think of, is a violation of the 1st amendment.
  • I do not believe the 2nd amendment means what the NRA thinks it does nor is it any more important than any other amendment particularly the 1st, 4th, and 13th through 15th (go ahead, look them up).
  • I do not believe parents should control what is taught in public schools.  There is no evidence that most of them could tell shit from Shinola.  I do not want other kids’ parents to determine what my grandchildren learn.
  • I do not believe drag shows or trans people represent any threat to our children, or rather, no more threat than everybody else.
  • I believe the 1st amendment means that the government cannot deny you the  “freedom of speech”.  But I am not the government, and I can deny your freedom of speech all day long.  It may not be polite or appropriate, but it is not illegal.
  • I do not believe that more than 3% of the people condemning wokeness or critical race theory or how one “identifies” knows what any of those things really mean.
  • I do believe that a whole host of white, mostly evangelical Christian Americans are scared shitless about being a “minority” in this country and are resorting to lies, voter suppression, and violence in an attempt to stave off the inevitable.  Perhaps their fear comes from their knowledge of how they treated minorities?
  • I do believe there was, and still is, systemic racism in the United States.  From post-reconstruction to Jim Crow, to lynching, to voter intimidation, to segregation in public places from buses to swimming pools, to inferior schooling, to inferior medical care, to discrimination in the workplace, discrimination in the GI Bill, in mortgage lending, in real estate, and in how we built the interstate highway system to ghetto-ize African American neighborhoods, I believe the factual evidence proves systemic racism.  Then, and now.
  • I believe the folks in San Francisco who believe that a $5 million payment to every African-American citizen as reparation for slavery indicates the proponents are soft in the head.  If extended to all those eligible in the US, that’s $210 Trillion, i.e., $210,000,000,000,000 or almost 36 years of the President Biden’s proposed 2023 budget or 7 times the total US debt.
  • I do believe children should be taught about sex, menstruation, birth-control, homosexuality, gender identity, and sexual relationships before they graduate from high-school, preferably before they reach puberty.  You know what causes teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (other than teen hormones, that is)?  Ignorance.  PS.  You know what they call couples that use abstinence as birth control?  Parents.
  • I also believe that basic finance should be a curriculum requirement for high school graduation.  Too many Americans are shamefully deficient in financial management skills and way too easy to be taken advantage of – by mortgage lender, credit card issuers, banks, and money managers.

So, given my beliefs compared to current political and social thinking, WTF planet do I belong on?  Because it sure doesn’t appear to me that it is this current Earth.

3 thoughts on “What Planet Are You From?

  1. Pretty much captures my thinking!we actually are the majority, we just don’t have the megaphone!

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