Do Not Be Afraid of Critical Race Theory

I have been thinking about the culture war being manufactured around “Critical Race Theory“ (CRT).  I know why it is being manufactured as in it secures the base for Republicans, attracts extremists and non-extremist White Christians who might otherwise vote for the other guy, and enables Republicans to paint Democrats as too “woke, again looking … Continue reading Do Not Be Afraid of Critical Race Theory

Crumbling Confidence

I was about halfway through writing a rant about why the Republicans are so scared of Critical Race Theory (and why CRT is real and important) when the Alito SCOTUS opinion was leaked.  THAT takes precedence. Assuming that the Alito draft becomes the majority opinion, that means the federally protected right to abortion goes away.  … Continue reading Crumbling Confidence

The Ten Modern Plagues

On Pesach (Passover) we come together with family and friends to celebrate the Exodus from Egypt.  We retell the story, including the ten plagues the mighty One (as the story goes) released upon Pharaoh to convince him to follow Moses’ demand to ‘let my people go.’  That exodus and the plagues that terrified the Pharaoh … Continue reading The Ten Modern Plagues

The Pandemic Has Become Endemic

The pandemic has become endemic. It started out as an aberration, confined, limited and, by many, downplayed or ignored completely. Forgetting history, we gave this disease time and attention, but considered it a temporary phenomenon. How wrong we were. It was not temporary, but turned into a constant reality, infecting victim after victim, ravaging them … Continue reading The Pandemic Has Become Endemic

The State Of The Union

I am not going to rehash President Biden’s State of the Union Address.  You either watched it or not.  You either liked it or not.  Where you stand on this likely depends on where you sit. However, I would like to comment on both the Republicans’ and Democrats’ behavior surrounding the President’s speech. Republicans A … Continue reading The State Of The Union

The Price of Politics

I invite you to read the story  Washington Post - Anti-Vaxx Story about a man named Chris Crouch and his “terrible choice.” His pregnant wife Diana was hospitalized with Covid, and both baby and mother were at risk.  Being pregnant was putting additional stress on Diana’s body, and it was unclear if she would survive … Continue reading The Price of Politics

Truth, Justice, and The American Way

A former journalist, Yossi Halevi, recently said that, during his career,  the overriding objective of journalism has shifted from truth to justice.  The difference being that truth is supposed to be objective while justice, specifically social justice, is most decidedly subjective. Moreover, one’s stand on “justice” depends on where one sits.  If I am an … Continue reading Truth, Justice, and The American Way