No Party For This Time

I am wishful, though not hopeful, that we are about to see the demise of the Republican Party. Now, I know that my right-leaning friends will say to themselves and or their spouses in these days of ‘sheltering-in-place,’ “well, he’s just a Democrat.” Here’s the thing, though – I am not a Democrat. I don’t … Continue reading No Party For This Time

Officially a Curmudgeon

Yup, it happened.  While perhaps not the most self-aware individual I know, I nailed this one. I am officially a curmudgeon. You know what convinced me?  Halloween.  This year. A little history.  My father was not a fan of Halloween.  In fact, he called it “semi-legal begging” and for years I was not allowed to … Continue reading Officially a Curmudgeon

Flying Their Flag

Paraphrasing Rod Serling:  Imagine, if you will, taking a walk down Fifth Avenue in New York and turning right onto Hermann Göering Way.   Or, perhaps, shopping in Chicago  on Emperor Hirohito Avenue?  How would you feel going to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., if it were located on Adolf Hitler Boulevard? I, for one, … Continue reading Flying Their Flag

The Idiotic Politics of Philanthropy

I went to one of those “elite” private small liberal arts colleges that the cultural conservatives love to hate and love to ridicule.  And, I must admit, there are a couple of knee-jerk liberal reactions that deserve some ridicule. One of the largest is the demand that any institution of higher learning (or any other … Continue reading The Idiotic Politics of Philanthropy

Summer Reading II

We are approaching the official end of summer.  The leaves are beginning to change color and the night air is getting cooler.  For some reason, I read some serious books this summer and that included the following. Kindred by Octavia E Butler Octavia Butler is known for her science fiction, having won both the Nebula … Continue reading Summer Reading II