I Read The News Today, Oh Boy.

Let’s get this out of the way first.  I am partisan.  Trump was a terrible President, is a terrible person, and is a danger to our country’s values and Constitution.  I think the same of his enablers and his followers. Joe Biden is an OK, not great President.  He has overseen an economy with the … Continue reading I Read The News Today, Oh Boy.

What The F%$#?

By now, you would’ve had to been hiding under a rock not to have heard about the hostage situation at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, Texas where a man, claiming to be homeless and needing shelter, gained entrance to the building.  Malik Faisal Karam, a British citizen, arrived in this country on December 29, and … Continue reading What The F%$#?

Household Accident

So here is what happens as I grow old. In addition to simple aging and because of my past medical history, along with progressive arthritis in ankles and knees, and two bum shoulders (one a torn rotator cuff, the other a surgical repair after multiple dislocations and separations) as well as potential neurological damage due … Continue reading Household Accident

Now, You Are The Actuary

I have noticed, and do not like, a disturbing trend – and that is the transfer of either the work or the risk (and often both) to the consumer.  As the world gets more complex and choices (and consequences of choices) multiply, the accompanying knowledge needed to make a good decision is becoming more arcane … Continue reading Now, You Are The Actuary

Olympic Reflections

I am a sucker for the Olympics.  I just love watching world class folks doing their best.  Could be athletes, bakers, chefs, or carpenters.  I just adore watching the best at their craft.  Now, this Olympiad is over and behind us.  Time for some reflections. What I can always do without is the criticism the … Continue reading Olympic Reflections

Endgame Afghanistan

In 2001, President George Bush declared a war on terrorism and the United States of America invaded Afghanistan.  Twenty years later, in accordance with a deal negotiated by President Donald Trump under his “America First” strategy, the United States is leaving Afghanistan after 2,372 American soldiers have died, another 20,320 American soldiers were injured and … Continue reading Endgame Afghanistan

Recommended Summer Escape Reading

Everybody’s Fool by Richard Russo If you have not yet read Everybody’s Fool and have also not yet read Nobody’s Fool, then start with the latter and work your way up.  Having watched the movie is not sufficient (though, in my humble opinion, the movie does justice to the book).  And, also, if you have … Continue reading Recommended Summer Escape Reading

Whip My Hair (A Pandemic Response)

You know that graphically enhanced picture of me that greets you when you link to my blog?  Well, I do not look like that anymore. You see, due to several constraints (we have an immune-compromised member of the family, I have a history of upper respiratory infections that are not mild, our children are thankfully … Continue reading Whip My Hair (A Pandemic Response)