Quit Making Me Feel Guilty and Give Me Some Solutions

Quit Making Me Feel Guilty and Give Me Some Solutions David Brooks just wrote an Op/Ed piece in the NY Times that infuriated me even though I agreed with many of his points.  Brooks has been making more sense to me lately, but I believe he mostly missed the boat with this one.  Read "How … Continue reading Quit Making Me Feel Guilty and Give Me Some Solutions

The War On Empathy

A War on Empathy I was listening to Terri Gross’s “Fresh Air” the other day as she was interviewing the British singer/songwriter/author/rock historian Billy Bragg and he said two things that really hit me as tremendously insightful. First, he said the most dangerous thing happening in our societies (the UK and USA, but I assume … Continue reading The War On Empathy

The New Gestapo

The New Gestapo I see a pattern here. The latest incidents are from United and include the kids refused flight boarding because of their leggings and the Asian doctor bloodied and forcibly removed from the plane because he was “randomly” selected to make room for a United “operations” employee.  But there are many other recent examples … Continue reading The New Gestapo

Trigger Warnings

I do not cotton much to the concept of “trigger warnings”.  I have enough trouble with movie ratings to spend time worrying about the delicate sensibilities of undergraduates making a social movement out of victimology.  If you are enrolled in college, taking a literature course and you can’t figure out that Huckleberry Finn is going … Continue reading Trigger Warnings