Whip My Hair (A Pandemic Response)

You know that graphically enhanced picture of me that greets you when you link to my blog?  Well, I do not look like that anymore. You see, due to several constraints (we have an immune-compromised member of the family, I have a history of upper respiratory infections that are not mild, our children are thankfully … Continue reading Whip My Hair (A Pandemic Response)

Boycott Hobby Lobby

I am not a Christian. I am well aware that I live in a Christian majority. I am not attempting to take the Christ our of Christmas or preventing Christians from celebrating their faith and holidays (or other religion's celebrations, for that matter). I understand that the majority religion's events and celebrations are going to … Continue reading Boycott Hobby Lobby

The Worst Thing About Growing Older

The worst thing about growing older is not the loss of physical capabilities, though that is a pain in the ass, and the knees, shoulders, and ankles.  Though bothersome, the increasing numbers of food items that cause raging indigestion are not the worst thing about growing older either.  Neither is diminishing eyesight, hearing, tolerance for … Continue reading The Worst Thing About Growing Older