I Read The News Today, Oh Boy.

Let’s get this out of the way first.  I am partisan.  Trump was a terrible President, is a terrible person, and is a danger to our country’s values and Constitution.  I think the same of his enablers and his followers. Joe Biden is an OK, not great President.  He has overseen an economy with the … Continue reading I Read The News Today, Oh Boy.

What The F%$#?

By now, you would’ve had to been hiding under a rock not to have heard about the hostage situation at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, Texas where a man, claiming to be homeless and needing shelter, gained entrance to the building.  Malik Faisal Karam, a British citizen, arrived in this country on December 29, and … Continue reading What The F%$#?

Household Accident

So here is what happens as I grow old. In addition to simple aging and because of my past medical history, along with progressive arthritis in ankles and knees, and two bum shoulders (one a torn rotator cuff, the other a surgical repair after multiple dislocations and separations) as well as potential neurological damage due … Continue reading Household Accident