Ode to John Irving

I recently finished John Irving’s latest novel, The Last Chairlift, and was viscerally reminded how much I appreciate and revel in his writing. I first read (and have subsequently re-read a few times) “The World According to Garp” while still in college and I loved it.  I liked it so much that I bought his … Continue reading Ode to John Irving

Where Have You Been?

First, the context. Last month, former President Trump had dinner at Mar-a-Logo with Ye West and Nick Fuentes.  Ye has had his own spate of recent, public antisemitic speech and Fuentes is a known antisemite.  According to NBC, Ye and Trump “had arranged to break bread Tuesday night at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Florida after … Continue reading Where Have You Been?

The 2022 Mid-Term Elections

As the media continues to scream “no red wave” in every possible way and on every imaginable platform they have, of course, missed the real message.  Its not that “the people” rejected the MAGA crowd.  Its that the MAGA crowd shrunk by just an itty-bitty little bit. In Co 3, Lauren Boebert (R) has 50.2% … Continue reading The 2022 Mid-Term Elections