Facing The Situation

As my father used to say, it is high time that we take the bull by the tail and face the situation.

We are being lied to, and those lies are being enabled by people who are a) morally corrupt enough to trade their silence or their approval for other politically motivated gains and/or b) so wrapped up in their cult that they can no longer discern fact from fiction and/or c) so adamantly associated with a political party or politician that they can’t conceive of – or will not admit – that their party or party leader is wrong.

And yes, I am talking about Trump, the Trump administration, and the enablers in the House and particularly the Senate, who have allowed this catastrophe of an administration to continue.  They are all willfully, purposely, and malevolently lying to the American people in furtherance of their own political goals without a thought to the damage being done to individual Americans.  They need to be fucking stopped.

Lies and the lying liars who tell them:

  • Hydroxychloroquine is a cure for Covid-19. A lie.  No scientific proof.  Trump and Commerce Secretary Ross have investments in the company/companies that make this drug.
  • The Federal Government is sending life saving equipment where it is most needed. A lie.  There is considerable evidence to suggest that under the direction of Jared Kushner both equipment allocation and equipment contracts were directed to staunch Trump supporters as Governors and staunch Trump supporters in the corporate world.
  • The impeachment hearings “distracted” Trump and the Trump administration from taking charge of the Covid-19 pandemic. A lie.  Substantial evidence points to communication with the Oval Office being informed as early as November 2019 about the problems in China that were dismissed by Trump as being part of the “deep state” conspiracy against him and thus not to be trusted.
  • The daily press briefings by Trump are intended to allay public fears. A lie.  Internal White House leaks indicate that Trump is using the daily briefings to boost his poll numbers and to pre-empt any political opposition.  You want more proof?  Yesterday, Trump so far as to SHOW A CAMPAIGN VIDEO during the “briefing.”
  • The Congress will have (as is its constitutional responsibility) oversight of the spending of over $2,500,000,000,000 (that’s $2.5 trillion) as provided by the first two pieces of relief legislation. A lie.  Trump stated that he plans to ignore the Congressional requirement for a “special inspector general” thus flouting Congress’s attempt to ensure that this staggering amount of money is spent as intended.
  • The Wisconsin election, where unlike Ohio and other states, the Republican dominated Supreme Court mandated in-person voting, was done to reduce voter fraud. A lie.  A Big Fat Fucking Lie.  To quote Trump when he was talking about the exact same requests for mail-in voting made by Democrats in the Covid-19 Relief Legislation, “if the United States switched to all-mail voting, you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.”  Finally, this petty piece of political putrefaction has told the truth about something.  I’m quite sure it was a mistake. Update: It didn’t work for them like they thought.  A Democrat, Jill Karofsky, beat the incumbent Republican Dan Kelley,  for a seat on Wisconsin’s Supreme Court.

And the above is just a small smattering of the deceit that is being propagated upon the American public…and what’s worse, some 35-40% of Americans believe this shit.  A newly released Pew Study found that 30 percent of Americans believe scientists created Covid-19.  Fewer than 60% of Americans consider the coronavirus a “real threat,” representing a drop of 10 percentage points from last month.  At the same time, a growing number of Americans think the coronavirus is being “blown out of proportion.”  This latter piece of good news is only two weeks old, from a then new NPR/PBS News Hour/Marist poll.

And yet, I am going to hear from some of my friends how CNN and NPR, and others are just “too liberal,” can’t tell the truth, and hate Trump.  So, all the above is buried because they buy the lie that anything other than Fox News is Fake News.  But wait, even Fox has had enough.  Recently Fox came to the defense of Chris Wallace as they said the President had “engaged in 3rd rate name calling” because Chris Wallace was “doing his job.”

Trust me, I am not schilling for the Democrats, and you would never find me voting for many, if any, of the progressive left candidates for House or Senate against any mainstream candidate.  But trust me on this:  I will vote for whomever the Democrats nominate to run against Trump.  Right now, that looks like Joe Biden, but I would have voted for anyone of them.  Even Bernie Sanders, whose economic policies I detest, whose foreign policies I find dangerous and delinquent, and whose political ideology I find repugnant would have been better than the moral cesspit represented by Trump, his administration, and his enablers in the House and Senate, chief among them Moscow Mitch.

And if it comes to it in November, I will stand in line with my N95 mask and hand sanitizer and my nitrile gloves, for as many hours as necessary, to vote against the re-election of Donald Trump and his poisonous influence.

4 thoughts on “Facing The Situation

  1. Watch closely how these coalitions of Governors take control of their situation and become the leaders in slowly but rationally opening their regions and in the process marginalizing the President. He handed this whole thing over to the Governors and now he’s going to rue the day.

  2. Yes!!! Hope you’re sharing this with media editors, producers and writers to show them there is hope and intelligent thought in the Heartland.

    Rolling Stone and a few others might print, but “adult language”…

    Thanks, Dan.


  3. Dan,
    The smart one in my family, my sister Dr. Mary Kaiser, Phd. of NASA, says to listen to Dr. Anthony Fauci ,and no one else. And even then, keep in mind the situation Dr. Fauci is in. Mary tells me the reasons Covid 19 is so bad, is that we have no known or even promising treatment at this time

    Dr. Mary Kaiser also says:
    1. Very contagious
    2. Long time before symptoms become evident
    3. Damage to lungs may occur before symptoms evident

    We are in deep shit with no answer in sight. Scary times my friend. Stay safe.
    Bob Kister

  4. We’re definitely in danger territory – all of us. Trump is using the economy as a battering ram on the Governors in order to score a political ‘win’ for saving America (via the economy). But delaying checks to desperate people (have you seen the food bank lines in LA?) just so he can have his mangy scrawl of a signature on them. Why would he do that? If you’re cynical like I am, you might think he did it to confuse some of his less informed (i.e. idiot) supporters into believing that the money actually came from Trump personally.

    I’d bet a shocking percentage of his supporters would actually believe it.

    And while it’s heartening to see such strong leadership from so many Governors – both Reps and Dems — but when Trump says he has “total control” over the States…OK, I’m Canadian so perhaps I just don’t get it, but that’s not my understanding of YOUR constitution.

    Every day that passes, the more it seems the 25th amendment applies. When Mike Pence starts sounding like the voice of reason, then you know things must be bad.

    But that’s where we’re at. Trump announces that he (illegally) wants to pull funding for the WHO – in the middle of a pandemic? No argument from me that the WHO should be checked out, but let’s get our priorities straight here. You know who else helps fund WHO? Bill & Melinda Gates, and last year they donated $513 M – almost as much as the US government. Who do you trust right now, Trump or Gates?

    The only way to stop this maniac is to vote him out. But time is running out. Trump is doing everything he can to mess with the vote – mail-in’s are FAKE! remember. I wish all my American cousins the very best and please remember this: we’re in this with you and your pain is our pain. But here’s the thing – we don’t get to vote, and you do. Please go vote for all of us.

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