It Is Time To Call It What It Is

The Trump administration is demeaning and diminishing the institutions that support our faith in ourselves and our form of governing.  Moreover, Mr. Trump is the force leading this destruction of our faith and confidence.  He is a poster child for all of the worst that one could imagine for our country.  His personal preference for incompetence and/or extremists as picks for advisors and Cabinet members is leagion and has included Ben Carson for Health & Human Services, Rick Perry for Energy, Steve Bannon for Strategic Advisor, Greg Pruitt for the EPA, Seth Miller and Sebastian Gorka as advisors and spokespeople, and Betsy DeVos for Education. Other notable confidence destroying issues brought to us by this President include:

Fake News:  Now anything you (or the President) disagrees with is fake news.  So, the venerable institutions such as the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and the Washington Post are fake if they do not toe the line.  And now, we have large portions of the public that believe opinion is fact, and that facts are not necessarily important.

Alternative Facts:  No matter there is no evidence.  The “big lie” approach of Joseph Goebbels is alive and well in the Trump administration.  Upset you didn’t win the popular vote?  Destroy our faith in our electoral system by asserting, with no facts, that millions voted illegally and tie up Congress with a commission aimed at uncovering that which there is absolutely no proof ever happened.  Don’t like that your administration and campaign got caught colluding with a foreign government to influence the election?  Destroy what faith we had left in the FBI by alleging, again with no facts, that the Director of the FBI is a liar.  Unhappy that the employment numbers continued to improve under President Obama, then question the veracity of the Department of Labor.  Don’t like the reality that your healthcare bill will take insurance away from 20-30 million people, impugn the credibility of the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office.  In short, do everything possible to ensure more people lose faith and confidence in our institutions…..and fulfil Steve Bannon’s desire to burn it all down to the ground and replace it with…..what exactly?

“I don’t believe the Intelligence Community”:  On par, these folks are putting their life on the line to protect us from bad guys (criminals) and other bad guys (countries that want to hurt us, terrorists, and nuclear madmen).  If a relative were kidnapped, I would want the FBI.  If nuclear materials go missing, I am counting on the CIA.  Now, there are a fair number of reasons not to entirely trust the CIA or FBI.  Their history is replete with dubious schemes, flouting of the law, and other unsavory (and illegal) activities.  However, there is a huge difference between having their feet held to the fire for doing something wrong and having THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES say he doesn’t believe them.  Moreover, it begs the question of who he does believe.  Given the choice between believing the FBI and the CIA or Breitbart, InfoWars, Steve Bannon, and the National Enquirer, I think we are all better off as a nation going with the acronyms.  Clearly, Trump does not share that belief and that is freaking scary.

Voter Fraud Commission:  Nothing could work better to destroy our faith in our electoral system than to have the President assert, without any substantiation, over and over that “millions” of votes for Hillary Clinton were fraudulent. Yes, I believe he wants it to be true, and thus it has become a reality in his mind (ain’t that the definition of a mental disorder?).   What I can’t fathom is a) why no one has pointed out that in a 48%/46% popular vote split, it is only logical to assume that if (and a very big if) systemic fraud occurred, then it would have occurred on both sides and b) for a guy trying desperately to legitimize his “victory”, why he does not realize that calling the electoral system into question might make some of us doubt the result even more?

No matter, he is certainly doing nothing to build confidence in our elections process.  More dangerously, his people have now requested the names of people who have signed up for anti-Trump websites.  1984 anyone?

After Charlottesville

All the above was written prior to Charlottesville when, to the surprise of only a few, our President revealed himself to be the unhinged, unthoughtful, callous, ignorant racist many of us always believed him to be and exactly the person and personality his opponents from both parties warned us about.

Our leaders should speak truth, inspire us to be better than we have previously aimed to be, and set our sights at building a better world for the next generation, and encourage us to pull together as a nation.  Our current President has absolutely none of those capabilities, abilities, or inclinations.  This has become more than just an embarrassment.  This has become downright fucking dangerous for all of us.  Whether his cabinet has the moral compass and guts to invoke the 25th amendment, or whether the Congress has the moral compass and political fortitude to impeach is no longer a question we should debate, it is a situation we should demand.  Insanity is absolutely one of the conditions that would make the President unfit to serve.  It is time to call it like it is.

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