Wow, Am I Tired.

Yes, the pandemic is exhausting.  Politics is exhausting.  Violence is exhausting.  People are exhausting. Being only months away from official curmudgeon-dum, I have found a lot with which I am tired of dealing. Here is a partial list of what is making me tired:

People who categorically refuse to use their turn signal.

People who would believe a talk show host over medical experts.

People like pundits, social scientists, and the overly empathetic who keep telling me I have to learn to “understand” other people whose opinions and behaviors are simply ignorant and stupid.

People who insist it is their right to trample on my rights and put me at risk due to their loony conceptions.

People who don’t believe that African-Americans, and African-American men in particular are treated differently from Caucasians by the police, the courts, and news media.

People who tolerate and/or obey and/or do not protest seat belt laws, helmet laws, drivers’ license requirements, road tolls, and no shirt no shoes, no service policies, but think wearing a mask to prevent infecting others is an infringement on their “rights.”

People who insist on buying non-GMO products but know not a damn thing about GMO.

People who value the lives of animals more than the lives of human beings.

People who believe vaccination causes autism.

People who abuse the service animal allowances to bring their yappy dog, chinchilla, monkey, ferret, cat, or other allergen producing mammal or ugly reptile like snakes, turtles and Gila monsters into stores, restaurants, and airplanes.

People who refuse to vaccinate their children and then send them to public school

People who decry “socialism” while collecting social security and enjoying Medicare benefits

Anti-tax businesspeople lined up for government assistance during the pandemic.

People who forget that the second amendment works both ways, i.e., the folks inside the buildings and homes being trolled by gun-bearing MAGA hat wearers can also own guns.

People who say they are pro-life but support the death penalty, cut programs that feed children, and prevent poor people from getting healthcare.

People who protest by destroying property and looting…this small minority detracts from the protest message and allows authorities to focus on the reaction rather than the initial action.

People who think Trump is anything other than a malicious, narcissistic sociopath savant.

People on the progressive left who support corrupt terrorist regimes instead of democracies.

People and particularly politicians who clearly enjoy kissing ass instead of taking a moral stand.

People who are racist and only apologize when exposed.

Politicians who are hypocrites, but perhaps I am repeating myself

People who ignore requests to wear masks and then creep up on me at the grocery store.

People who believe the left lane was made for them regardless of speed.

People who make crude or partisan political signs with spelling mistakes.

People who keep opining that we all need to eat vegan to save the planet.  I hate cauliflower, brussels sprouts, lima beans, kidney beans, turnips, rutabagas, and fake meat foods.

People who have forgotten that pedestrians have the right of way at crosswalks.

Politicians who rail against government spending while being career politicians with a pension plan and lifetime healthcare.

People in Southern states flying the confederate battle flag who expect me to think that it is about their culture….unless they want to admit that their culture is racist.

People in Northern states flying the confederate battle flag who expect me to believe they are not racists.

People who use memes like “Karen” and “Snowflake” like they actually represent the population.  Call it like it is …your Karen is a racist white woman, and your Snowflake is a Democrat who disagrees with you.  Use your words.

I am really tired of spam calls.  Political spam, credit card spam, insurance spam, scam span, Nigerian Prince spam, auto warranty spam, appliance warranty spam.  I am tired of spam texts.  Breast enlargement spam texts, penis enlargement spam texts (why I get both is a true conundrum and no comments from the gallery please), political donation spam texts, cause related spam texts.  The only spam call I want to even consider is the Hormel company sending me free spam lite.

People who think one naked breast on television  is more dangerous than the murders, rapes, arsons, beatings, drug deaths, treachery, and humiliation of others that are standard TV fare.

People who are divorced thinking married gay couples with children are a threat to marriage.

Politicians who do not understand the first amendment.

OK, I’m done.  I am tired of being tired. I feel better having gotten this off my chest, but you might be more depressed.  I am sorry about that.   I look forward to the day that I can wave my magic wand and make all this shit go away.  I would not recommend holding your breath while waiting, however.

3 thoughts on “Wow, Am I Tired.

  1. Good list.You missed Velcro and Whiteout.The second one particularly of no value in 2020!Staysafe.

  2. I feel better, thanks for getting that off my chest, Dan. Gila monster…nice touch. You just don’t read about Gila monsters much anymore, sad 😉

  3. This isn’t a rant….just sensible observations. Thanks for adding me to your list. Enjoyed it!

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